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Welcome to the VketCloudSDK Official Manual!

VketCloudSDK is the developer kit for creating virtual worlds using the Vket Cloud Engine.

To use the SDK, you need to Setup the required accounts and install the supported Unity version.

If you are new to Vket Cloud, follow the steps of About VketCloudSDK to setup.

  1. Set up Account

  2. Set up Unity

  3. Set up the VketCloudSDK

  4. Login to the SDK

If you want to try out Vket Cloud worlds, or get an idea on what can be made, check My Vket!

About SDK versions

To check the manual for the latest version of VketCloudSDK, access from here.
For the manual for stable version, which is supported for an extended period of time, access from here.

About Updates

The updates on each VketCloudSDK version can be checked in the Release Note.
For checking the version updates of this manual, refer to the Change Log. If the release note to be read is missing, try changing the version via the page top.

Contributions to this manual

The VketCloudSDK official manual is updated on Github.
If you want to contribute by fixing typos, adding information, feel free to take a look!